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Along with traditional electrical services, Carlton Electric also provides exceptional specialty services in fire alarm installation, LED retrofits, and elevator upgrades.

Fire Alarm Installation

The proper installation of the fire alarm system in any building is essential to the safety and legality of business operations. Fire alarm systems are complex, sensitive, and expensive, so it is important to make sure it gets done right the first time. Carlton Electric's team of fire alarm installation specialists have experience in brand new installations and updates for schools, retail spaces, commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial buildings, tenant spaces and more. If you are needing a new or updated fire alarm system, Carlton Electric's team can help give you, your employees and your customers peace of mind.

LED Retrofits

Many businesses are choosing to make the conversion to LED lighting for their facilities. Switching to LED will save you money on your energy bill, and provide long-lasting, eco-friendly illumination. Traditional lighting hardware may not be compatible with new dimmable LED lighting fixtures, so it is important make sure your new installations are done correctly and safely. If you're ready to improve your building's lighting, start saving money, and help the environment, reach out today!

Elevator upgrades

Safe installation, upkeep, and modernization of your elevator system is another crucial safety aspect that cannot afford to be done incorrectly. Our team of electricians that have specialized in elevator systems have worked with many different systems and companies throughout the front range to ensure proper, safe, and functional installation. When it comes to getting from floor 1 to 100, don't get caught taking the stairs. Call us today to talk about your elevator needs.

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